The Tri-Conic Challenge

Port Alberni's No. 7 Challenge - the 10 k race against the Steam Train has evolved to a much bigger much more exciting event for 2017 and beyond! For 2017 the event spanned three days (four if you count the Registration Events). The event started on Saturday, July 1, 2017 with four different 'Run the Train' events three of which actually raced it either to the McLean Mill National Historic Site (10k - Sprint Race) or back to the Train Station for the round trip. Both the Challenge (1/2 marathon) and Iconic (full marathon) raced it back there. Many won! The race also included the Canada Day Parade which headed in the opposite direction to both the Train and 1/2 marathon/10 k runners. Quite the site for all involved! Day two featured the four different 'bike the boat' events with the primary race being the 'Challenge' 90k bike ride to Bamfield BC along a very difficult logging road. But a beautiful one at that! We also featured the 16k Sprint ride to beautiful China Creek Marina and Campground and then we had the kids race - 3k called the Smolts. This was an event really aimed at high endurance cyclists. They loved it! On day three we brought our registrants over to Sproat Lake home of the fabled Martin Mars Water Bombers (the last two remaining are right here in Port Alberni @ Sproat Lake.). Again we featured four swim distances including the 100m Smolts, 500m Spint, 2000m Challenge and a 4000m Iconic. One comment coming out of a woman who exited the water after her 2k swim was this: "In 30 years of Open Water Swimming I've never experienced an event like this one. I'll be back for sure in 2018. Thank you!" 

For 2018 our event will evolve likely to a 2 day one featuring the Swim/Bike on day one both centered around Sproat Lake. Same distance options will likely apply. Day two will feature the Run the Train events - again four different distances. Stay tuned as we set things up for an awesome 2018 experience in Port Alberni BC.