Look Better: Product Promo Photography

Friday, February 1, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Speaker: Darran Chaisson, Owner of Darran Chaisson Photography

Join us for a *free* Lunch N Learn from 12:00pm-1:00pm at the Chamber of Commerce boardroom (visitor centre), 2533 Port Alberni Highway. 

Professional photos will make or break your online business presence. This session will introduce you to the concepts of:

  • How to present your business in a professional manner
  • The difference between a cellphone photo and a professional image
  • Communicating your brand through your photos
  • The basics of how to take a quality photo
  • Considerations for how to stage a photo
  • Considerations for taking pictures of storefronts, products, people, and business events
  • Legalities about photographing people and putting their faces online

Darran Chaisson is a professional photographer based in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Before starting his studio practise, Darran was an industrial mechanic working in some of the most remote parts of Canada. His influences include Ansel Adams, Bev Davis, Sherman Hines, and Mike Tittle, for their diverse body of work and the depth of feeling they achieve.  

A self-taught artist for over forty years, Darran specializes in landscape, concert and promotional photography, taking great satisfation in creating just the right image to suit his client’s needs. He is continually motivated by the challenge of getting his camera to produce the scene and emotion in his mind’s eye. When left to his own devices, he will seek out and capture the unparalleled, raw beauty of the rainforest and ocean on Canada’s west coast. Darran continues to refine and experiment with his medium while maintaining a high personal standard for quality, integrity, and customer service.

Darran has produced ad campaigns for clients across Canada and was selected from over 18,000 entrants as the 2017 grand prize winner for BC Ferries’ #stormwatchBC photo competition. His award-winning photography can be found in private collections in the UK, Canada, Korea, and USA.

Register today by calling 250-724-6535 or emailing reana@albernichamber.ca

*This session includes a free lunch!*