Cruise Ship visits

Port Alberni is once again hosting Cruise Ships! This year we'll host the MV Maasdam operated by Holland America. The Maasdam will arrive in Port Alberni on each of: Saturday, May 25th (8:00am), Saturday, June 15th (8:00am) and Saturday, July 6th (10:00am). The Cruise starts and finishes in San Fransico and in all cases Port Alberni is the 2nd to last stop. That's wonderful for us! The cruises are 21 days in duration. The ship carries a little over 1250 passengers and about half as many crew so....lots of activity is likely in our Harbour Quay area. The ship will anchor out in the harbour and 'tender' passengers to/from the finers at Centennial Pier. 


The Chamber is working with many local partners to ensure that we have a wonderful and exciting welcome for the Cruise Passengers. We'll have a significant First Nations presence and welcome, we'll likely see Dragon Boaters out in the Harbour too (please be aware that there is an exclusion zone around the ship. Once at Harbour Quay the passengers will witness some exciting First Nations entertainment followed by an information booth just outside of the Starboard Grill. Beyond that will be several areas with other Entertainment options as coordinated by Todd Flaro - Alberni Teens Can Rock. There will be significant presence of the Jane Austen folk who will be dressed in period costume. We'll have at least 32 Booths set up for those who wish to market their wares (by application) and of course the normal Saturday morning market will also be in full swing - likely for the whole day. We expect to have a handful of Food Trucks set up to complement the local vendors at Harbour Quay so that we can manage the anticipated crowds. Just down the way will be significant activity at the Maritime Heritage Museum including the opportunity to watch the geniuses who are creating the Language Revitalization Pole. There will be much more going on!


If you or someone you know is interested in setting up a Vendor table (we provide the space only) then please contact us at the Chamber or Melissa at the Rollin Arts Centre. We will take first come first served. Cost for the day is $30.00.  Reach Melissa at: