The Barkley Sound is world-renown for it's incredible diving conditions. In fact, the National Geographic Magazine recognized Vancouver Island as one of the best cold-water diving destinations in the world. People travel from around the world to explore famous wrecks in these waters.

Scuba diving in BC (British Columbia) on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada is a spectacular and unique experience. Since 1973 great encounters with wolf-eels, giant Pacific octopus, sea lions, six gill sharks and much more have been our trademark. Combine this with great home made meals, whale and wild life viewing options and amenities such as a hot tub on the viewing deck, kayaks, a dedicated camera / classroom and you can see why we are one of the premier dive charter operators and a prime dive destination in Canada.

PHOTO CREDIT:    Torbjörn Gylleus




This excerpt is taken from Rendezvous Dive Adventures a wonderful setting near Port Alberni and nearer yet to the magic of the Barkley Sound area.