Hike 5040 - Visit the Hut

The hut site is 35km west of Port Alberni, located at 1,319m elevation. This scenic alpine area provides wonderful summer hiking and fantastic backcountry skiing terrain. The hut will be accessible year-round to users and groups to hike, ski and snowshoe in the alpine.

THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DOES NOT RECOMMEND THIS HIKE WITHOUT PROPER ADVANCE PLANNING. The road in is considered 'barely suitable for 4WD vehicles' and it stretches for nearly 10km. It will take upwards of an hour to travel the road (if it's in decent shape). Those attempting the hike should be experienced in Alpine conditions, must carry proper gear, and absolutely be aware of changing mountain conditions. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. 


THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE advises all who are considering this hike to make direct contact to the Vancouver Island Alpine Club http://www.accvi.ca

The information on this site is for interest only. If you're experienced, capable, and interested we recommend contact of ACCVI prior to setting forth with your plans.