Martin Mars Bomber

Known as the world's largest flying boat, the Mars have long been a stable in the BC Forest Fire Fighting aresenal. Today the Mars planes are no longer contracted however the Hawaii Mars is fully capable of being called to action if need be.  This aircraft is capable of scooping up to 27 tons of water off the lake surface at one time. At present both the Phillipine Mars and Hawaii Mars are at Sproat Lake and periodically one or both of them will be placed on the water for short periods of time. the Hawaii Mars was last used in the summer of 2016 during which time it made a flight to participate in an air show in the NE United States.

The best way to see the plane if it isn't on the water is to take a walk over to the campsite at Sproat Lake Provincial Park. From the beach area you can see the Hawaii Mars near the shoreline some distance away. You can also drive to Bomber Base Road near the park and approach the fenced area where you may be able to see one or both planes. Or if you have access to the water with a boat, canoe kayak or whatever you can launch at the public boat launch then head out over to the right where you'll be able to pass right by the planes.