McLean Mill National Historic Site

The McLean Mill featured on our Alberni Valley Heritage Page is a National Historic Site located about 10 kilometers from downtown Port Alberni. The Steam Powered Mill is operational though the Society running the site for 2017 & 2018 have opted to keep it dormant for the forseeable future while a long-term maintenance plan is developed. The flip side of this decision allows for much more indepth tours of the site as our guides can bring guests right into the bowels of the old 1920's technology. It's very impressive albeit somewhat daunting!
During the summer high season the McLean Mill area is abuzz with activity which often includes other Steam Powered Events including our own designed JJ Logging Show that typically goes every Saturday (weather dependent). This is the only such show in all of North America! Powered by a Steam Donkey it's pretty darn impressive! Saturdays - during July / August. 
Visit the site to learn about the history of logging in the Alberni Valley and simply to enjoy life in its simpliest of forms as showcased from the way it was in the mid 1960's. The area is home to many of our Port Alberni events including Music in the Park every Sunday through the summer and numerous other key events. Come on out by Train (Thursday - Sunday) in the summer months and by appointment the rest of the year. Or simply drive out to the site and enjoy what it has to offer to suit your schedule. You won't be disappointed! 
Note that we try to use the 1929 Baldwin Steam Train for most of our train excursions but some will be serviced by another locomotive - historical itself - that is powered by diesel fuel. The clickity-clack of the tracks works the same no matter what locomotive pulls you along the cooridor!