Stamp Falls Provincial Park

Stamp Falls is a year round destination for anyone and everyone who enjoys the outdoors. Spring will bring the lush flowers and plant life along with high rushing waters that are sure to impress. By early Summer and in particular through June and July watch for the thousands upon thousands of Sockeye Salmon as they work their way up the river system to their destination spawning grounds at Great Central Lake. Later in the summer and through early fall the fish species changes over to Chinook and Coho and while not as many you are still witness to a marvel of the world. Fall itself will bring the colours of the season which is simply incredible and then through the winter enjoy the magic of the season rains that raise the water levels and create for some very impressive scenes. 

The Provincial Park itself has 23 campsites throughout it including a number of them that are right along the river. Don't expect any services at this park. 

Reserve your campsite here - up to three months in advance.