Toy Run

Who would have ever thought that a small town like Port Alberni could hold such a large event as the Toy Run has become.

Many years have passed and we would like to thank past Toy Run members, all merchants who donated to the cause and most of all, to all the riders who came out rain or shine or snow to participate and made it the success it has become (for if not for them the Toy Run would not have come into existence in the valley).   

In the pages to follow, the history of the Toy Run will unfold - starting with the very first Toy Run of Port Alberni to present day.

A few people got together one day and decided that if other motorcyclists can make kids happy, why don't we do the same.  So, with the help of some of our local merchants and the support from the Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) and the Salvation Army, it all came together.

1st Annual Jaycees' Toy Run  |  November 10, 1985

There were twenty five riders and half as many passengers who escorted more than forty individual toys from the Alberni Mall to the 1st Arrowsmith Scout Hall on Montrose Street. The riders were escorted through town by the local R.C.M.P. With open arms by the Salvation Army, the toys were welcomed by Lt. Denny Fahrentholz. We had a little bit of snow for the ride into town but all things went well.  There was chilli and coffee for the riders after the run.


40 toys to the Salvation Army.

That was year one.....Today HUNDREDS of Motorcyclists participate every year raising thousands for the local charities. Read More about this wonderful event right here:

The Toy Run occurs the 3rd Weekend of September every year.

Photos courtesy of Lyndon Cassell Photography and Darran Chaisoon Photography