Alberni Canal Downwind Challenge

Every Spring the good folks within the local Wind Community put on an awesome event called the Alberni Canal Downwind Challenge (ACDC). Typical winds in the area during a warm summer day will flow from south to north along the inlet (canal) thus making it relatively easy for the paddleboarders to go the 9km from China Creek Campground and Marina to Canal Beach. In addition to the experienced paddleboarders the group puts on a training session for newcomers to the sport who learn to hone their skills at Canal Beach. All in all a great day to be on the water. 

AV Hospice Annual Butterfly Release

The Butterfly Effect is a butterfly release fundraiser for the Alberni Valley Hospice Society.

Our first release was held Saturday, April 30, 2016.
We raised over $11,600!

It included kids' activities, live music, swing dancing, food trucks, facepainting, planting the garden, and more! The annual event is now planned for the second weekend of June where hundreds and perhaps thousands of people will converge on Canal Beach in Port Alberni to help the AV Hospice Society continue with their wonderful work. Butterflys are released by many as a way of honouring their loved ones many of whom have used the services of the AV Hospice Society. 

Canada Day Parade

Join us for the 61st Annual Canada Day Parade in Port Alberni this July 1st. Our parade features many creative floats all of which start on Stamp Avenue outside of the Catalyst Parking lot. The Parade will start at the sound of the Steam Whistle from the 1929 Baldwin Steam Train which will be about 1.5 km away - south of the Parade Start. Once the whistle goes the train will head north which the parade heads south. At the same time 'racing the train' will be runners from all over BC as they embark on a 10k Race the Train to the McLean Mill National Historic Site. Spectators will enjoy an amazing sight with the train in the background desparately trying to keep up to the athletes as they head north on their journey. On the other side of the road will be the creativity of many floats as those people work their way to Port Alberni's Harbour Quay area. Once at the Quay the party takes over with many vendors set up for all to enjoy! Visit us in Port Alberni for a most unique and enjoyable Canada Day! 

Five Acre Shaker MusicFest

Five Acre Productions threw their 3rd Five Acre Shaker and this year it was held at McLean Mill National Historic Site. McLean Mill is the perfect location with 32 acres of space for camp sites for RV, campers, and tenting. This year the Five Acre Shaker hosted 40+ bands and performances, multiple stages, food and merchandise vendors, art and culture. Saturday night estimated 500 people!!

Summer 2018 Dates: August 10th-12th 

More info at:


Photo credits to Lyndon Cassell Photography & Darren Chaisson Photography

Jane Austen Festival

A step back in time that hundreds of people look forward to every year! Port Alberni is planning for the world Record which would see us have more than 400 people dressed in period attire. Very cool! Look for the event every July in Port Alberni, BC

In 2018, our final count for the Jane Austen Guinness World Record Count was 349 people! Thank you to Lyndon Cassell Photography, and to others that captured great shots of this event.


Jeepers Creepers

Join the fun at McLean Mill every Halloween Season for the Jeepers Creepers Event. Held over three days in October the event will only grow in subsequent years. Kids Activities, scary houses for adults and for children and lots of fun childrens' entertainment. 

Also be sure to catch the Haunted Train to the McLean's Mill!

2019 Dates will be the last weekend in October. 

Photo Credits on this page to: Darran Chaisson Photography and Lyndon Cassell Photography. Thank you both for your wonderful shots! 


Light Up Alberni

Throughout the month of December, our residents and visitors are invited to tour the city to view the many spectacular light displays that local homeowners and businesses have developed. Our program includes up to three nights where people can join us for scheduled tours of the city where we will take people past the many places registered for our program and even those that haven't done so. Folks are encouraged to tour on their own as well. At any point in December people can log in to our website on the Light Up Registration page and vote for their favourites under the residential and business categories. At the end of December or certainly, by early January we will tabulate the votes and determine the who the winners are. Those winners will then receive a gift card from either West Coast Home Hardware or Canadian Tire. First place in each category (Business/Residence) will receive a $100.00 gift card, 2nd place receive a $75.00 card and 3rd place receive a $50.00 gift card. 

Schedule of tours for 2018 are:

  • December 9th leaving from Harbour Quay around 8:00 pm following the Fireworks
  • December 16th 6:00 pm leaving from Naesgaards
  • December 16th 7:30 pm leaving from Naesgaards
  • December 16th 9:00 pm leaving from Naesgaards
  • December 23rd 6:00 pm leaving from Naesgaards
  • December 23rd 7:30 pm leaving from Naesgaards
  • December 23rd 9:00 pm leaving from Naesgaards


Please note that Naesgaard's will be OPEN for business on Sunday night, December 16th and Sunday night, December 23rd. We thank them for this gesture

Some of the pictures included on this page were taken at Light Up Participant - Naesgaard's in 2017. Once again they've outdone themselves with their Christmas Displays. It is a MUST VISIT this season as per usual. 

We encourage people to Shop Local to develop to develop their light up designs and of course support those two businesses who are helping us with this program. We also recognize the support of Alberni Island Shuttle who operate the wonderful buses used for the tours. 

Photo's courtesy of Darran Chaisson Photography


No. 7 Challenge (now part of the Tri-Conic Challenge

The No. 7 Challenge came under the umbrella of the Chamber of Commerce for the 2016 race which was held on May 1, 2016. We attracted over 200 people to our inaugural event that year. Our goals with the race are to eventually compete with larger, much larger train races held throughout the world. A feature event is the Puffin Billy Race near Melbourne Australia - it attracks upwards of 3500 people every year. Another big one happens near Dublin Ireland. They had better look over their shoulders as our event grows. 


The No. Challenge Challenge became part of the Tri-Conic Challenge in 2017 and that continues for 2018. Please see our information on this site re the Tri-Conic Challenge - run the train. For 2018 it happens on Father's Day! 

 Tri-Conic is found here:  and the website with registration links is here:

Okee Dokee Slo-Pitch Tournament -Funtastic

Almost 80 Slo-pitch team show up in Port Alberni for the annual Okee Dokee - Funtastic Ball Tournament. Lots of games and as you can see via the pictures.....lots of fun too! The tourney is huge and runs over 3 three days during the Canada Day Weekend. Music at night and best of all the fund raised through the event all go to various local charities. Impressive! Make sure to mark Port Alberni on your calendars for Canada Day Weekend every year!


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