Your Business and Crime - the Opioid Dialogue

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 5:30pm

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: WE HAVE SOLD OUT OF OUR REDUCED TICKET PRICING OF $10.00 PP. There is still space however we now have to charge regular rates as our funding option has reached its maximum.



As part of our desire to assist all with the challenges of criminal behaviour affecting many local businesses and residents we have embarked on a plan of educating and learning. This will assist all in determining a solution to the ever growing problem affecting our community and most across the Country (and planet).

The first step will be our DINNER MEETING scheduled for WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH @ 5:30PM @ the Best Western Barclay Plus Hotel

Our featured speaker will be Mr. John Douglas former Mayor of Port Alberni and current advocate for the Port Alberni Shelter Society and their work to assist people who are mired in the world of drug addiction.

John as many might know also worked as a paramedic in the streets of Vancouver for some time prior to moving to Port Alberni where he became a Councilor followed by being elected as Mayor in 2011. His experience in Vancouver helped him understand the impacts at ground level and then in the political world in Port Alberni he saw things from a different perspective.  Fast forward to today John is educating himself with the support of the Opioid Dialogue Program and the Port Alberni Shelter Society where he's become passionate about the problem from an even different viewpoint..

We encourage you to read his report (attached to this page) called: "Working Towards a Solution." Within John's report you'll understand what he's learned along the way. We urge you to look at the report with an open mind toward new ideas that appear to be working in other areas.

John will bring this presentation along with more ideas he's learned from yet another visit - this time to Northern Italy along the Adriatic Coast at this place: 

This Dinner Meeting event is partially supported by the Port Alberni Shelter Society and because of that we're able to offer seats to you at ONLY $40.00 plus GST. Please bring along a guest and do tell others especially Business Owners as we'd like to see many there. And by the way John expects and encourages a Q/A

# Name of Business/Organization #Cost - Per Person $40.00