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Oct 29, 2017 -- Bill Collette

AVCOC was federally registered in December 1966 some 51 years ago

98 X $100. Gift Cards collected for Try Home First version 2016

93 Businesses participated in Try Home First version 2016

We have ~ 320 Members in AVCOC

The Chamber works with a ongoing staff of 2.5 FTE

We hold 9 Dinner Meetings Annually

We give out at least 18 Awards at the Excellence Ceremony

We are led by 13 Directors on our Board

In recent years’ we’ve put forward 2 Policies to the BC Chamber of Commerce – both accepted

We put our first policy forward to the Canadian Chamber in 2017. It passed

We had 204 registrants in our first No. 7 Challenge in 2016. There were 13 the year before

We received $80,000. From Canada 150 for the Tri-Conic Challenge in 2017

We are providing FREE Training on Tourism, Social Media, Worldhost and Cutural to 300 local people through our AVTTP

We maintain at least 75 Businesses on our very popular Adventure Map

There are at least 50 local attractions referenced on our Adventure Map

We are publishing the 4th edition of the Adventure Map in late 2017

We have 49 Food Service providers on our very impressive Food guide

We distribute at least 20000 Adventure Maps annually

We connect with more than 40000 visitors annually through our Visitor Services Programs

We have at least 30 Volunteer Ambassadors working with us in various areas

We sell-out the Annual Community Excellence Awards with 240 guests

We have at least 1100 people following our main FACEBOOK page

We have at least 700 Business People engaged through our Newsletter

We send out ~ 20 Newsletters Annually

The ‘open-rate’ of a typical newsletter is 20%

Our open-rate exceeds 41% and often stretches over 50%

More than 400 people signed up for the return of the Paper Chase run reincarnated by AVCOC in 2017

The Paper Chase for 2018 will be 15k which will mean more people registered

Through our TRYHOMEFIRST Shop Local Program we doled out $12,250. In 2016 to 126 local shoppers

We estimate a local economic value of more than $100,000. Simply due to the Annual Community Excellence Awards.

Our top winner for the TRYHOMEFIRST program for 2016 won $2500.00 in local gift cards

The Chamber invested $2450. In the 2016 TryHOMEFIRST program

We have more than 2650 Likes through our Five Active FACEBOOK Pages

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