Membership Benefit

Aug 22, 2019 -- Bill Collette

Vancouver Island Visitor’s Digest Discount for Chamber Members
Vancouver Island Visitor’s Digest is pleased to be working with the Alberni Valley
Chamber of Commerce to spread the word about Port Alberni and region as being a
prime destination for Vancouver Island visitors.
Our extensive distribution network recognizes that visitors to the Island seldom stay in
one location and instead look for travel experiences up and down the Island and is
designed to reach visitors where they are, from BC Ferries to airports, major hotels, car
rental agencies, retailers and hundreds of other locations.
Our 2019/20 edition of our magazine will feature expanded coverage of the Alberni
Valley, it’s attractions and the businesses that wish to reach the vitally important tourist
As part of this effort, we are offering a 20% discount on our published ad rates to all
Chamber members who wish to get their message out to a broader audience.
We hope this exclusive offer will encourage you to participate in our magazine and help
spread the word about the attractions of the Alberni Valley.
Our representatives will be contacting you in the days ahead to determine if reaching a
broader audience works for your business.
For more information, please call 250-951-4997.