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Shop the West Coast

Supporting Local Business throughout the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Shop The WEST COAST this Season and Win BIG!

We are thrilled to bring you an exciting SHOP LOCAL program with our partners - The Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce, the City of Port Alberni, Alberni Valley Tourism, Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot, Tourism Tofino, and Tourism Ucluelet. All are working together with us - The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce with a program designed to encourage, promote, and reward, simply for doing the right thing! Keep reading to learn more!

Did you know that Shopping Local is beneficial to our ongoing and worrisome Climate Change and Environmental concerns?

"Online Shopping while valuable and necessary in many circumstances should not be the go-to unless there is no other reasonable option. A purchase made online, for something available nearby, WILL negatively affect our communities in more ways than we've come to believe. An extra truck on the road, more single use plastic to dispose of, more cardboard, more CO2 released to the atmosphere, more traffic congestion, and the list goes on." Bill Collette - CEO Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce

So how does the program work?

  • Put your shoes on, grab your wallet and/or purse, and visit your favourite stores and shops in either Port Alberni, Tofino, or Ucluelet
  • Look for our posters - somewhat unique to each of the three locations. The poster on this page is what they'll look like.
  • Go inside the store/shop and select items to fill your basket and make you feel good!
  • Remember to SMILE UNDER THAT MASK! Yes, we can tell by your eyes whether you are, or are not smiling. The former is best!
  • While making your purchase look for the poster found inside the store. It will be similar to that above. Only difference is you'll find a QR code. Scan it.
  • We recommend that you exit the store to fill in the details on the web page you're now visiting. Fill in the blocks as asked including your name, contact info, and whatever else might be required or requested.
  • Repeat this process EVERY TIME YOU SHOP through December/January in our communities. Every participating business, and there will be at least 135 of them, YES 135 PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES, will have the QR code available for you!
  • On our end we will build our database (not shared with anyone) so that we can eventually DRAW WINNERS FROM IT/THEM.
  • Then the fun stuff begins!
  • Starting on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12TH we will start to draw the names of winners! LIVE ON AIR - THE PEAK 93.3 and/or TUFF CITY RADIO. Let's call it the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. I know, you've never heard that before but we are creative!
  • Our winners will receive GIFT CARD PACKAGES throughout the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS valued at $500 (YES FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) with gift cards from any of the 135 locations from the three communities.
  • And YES so you know....the gift cards are being purchased by the three Chambers of Commerce. It's possible that some businesses will elect to contribute additional ones to increase the opportunities but for the most part the gift cards, 135 of them, all valued at $100. are purchased by us. A total value of $13,500 filling 27 - $500 Gift Card packages through the life of the program.
  • And that's not all......
  • As we move beyond the day where the man dressed in red shows up at our homes we will move our SHOP THE WEST COAST program to one of: DINE-OUT WEST COAST.
  • That's right! We're going to feature many of our local eateries throughout this entire program (December 1 - January 30).
  • Every time you dine out remember to tell us about it simply by scanning the QR code on our poster that you'll find in the restaurant.
  • Throughout January we expect to offer at least another 13 (THIRTEEN) Gift Card packages valued at $500 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) to lucky folks who are simply doing the right thing. Supporting local.
  • On Monday, January 31st the three Chambers will enjoy announcing the names of FOUR WINNERS who will receive something even bigger and more fun (if that's even possible). A TOP PRIZE OF TWO NIGHTS AT THE WICKANINNISH INN, a second PRIZE OF 2 NIGHTS AT BLACK ROCK, a third prize of 2 NIGHTS AT THE BEST WESTERN PLUS BARCLAY HOTEL, and a fourth prize of 2 NIGHTS PLUS TRAVEL to the BROKEN ISLANDS LODGE
  • All you have to do is tune-in to either THE PEAK 93. or TUFF CITY RADIO. Pretty simple. You don't even have to leave your home for this part!


Welcome to Riverbend Cafe and General Store
Port Alberni's beautiful bookstore - Mobius Books

Participating Stores/Restaurants in Port Alberni

  • Mobius Bookstore
  • Healthy Habits
  • Dog Mountain Brewing
  • Jay's Lace it Up
  • Walk the Coast *
  • Wynan's Furniture
  • Boutiques Belles Amies
  • Starboard Grill
  • Flandangles
  • Chances Rim Rock Restaurant
  • Beaver Creek Home Centre
  • AV Garden Supply
  • Finishing Touches *
  • Twin City Brewing
  • Boston Pizza
  • Donut Shop
  • Stamps Cafe - Best Western Plus Barclay Hotel
  • Pastimes Bar - Best Western Plus Barclay Hotel
  • Orestes Kouzina
  • Mountain View Bakery
  • Wildflower Bakeshop
  • Suzanne's
  • Canadian Tire
  • Breaker's Marine
  • Burde Beans
  • The Brick
  • McLean Mill - Giftshop
  • Gayle's Fashion
  • Windsor Plywood
  • Jowsey's Furniture & Mattress
  • Alberni District Co-op
  • The Power of Three
  • All Mex'd Up
  • Animal Ark
  • Port Boat House
  • West Coast Home Hardware
  • The Funk Trunk
  • Cap-it
  • Port Posh Wash
  • Boomerangs Cafe
  • Coastal Flow Creative
  • Cloud City
  • Belles Hair Care *
  • Tim Hortons
  • Little Bavaria
  • Brie and Barrel
  • Jumping Slug Clyclery
  • Alberni Brewing Co.
  • Steampunk Cafe
  • The Clambucket
  • Bucksnorts Restaurant
  • Granny's Fried Chicken

  • Riverbend Cafe & General Store
  • The Flooring Depot
  • Salmonberry's Emporium
  • Double R Meats
  • Bare Bones Fish & Chips
  • Fresh Coast Market
  • Alberni Industrial Marine
  • L.B. Woodchoppers
  • Blue Fish Gallery
  • Alberni District Liquor Store (Div of AD Co-op)
  • Boundless Beauty
  • Gone Fishin
  • Jim's Clothes Closet
  • Smitty's
  • Naesgaard''s Farm Market
  • Kismet Quilts
  • Valley Vision Optometry
  • Solda's Restaurant
  • Colyn's Garden Shop
  • Klubhouse for Kids
  • Coombs Country Candy
  • Bosley's Pet Foods
  • Alberni Golf Club/Eagles Nest Restaurant
  • Sehmi Restaurant
  • Panago Pizza
  • Merit Furniture

Businesses Highlighted in RED will be featured during the month of January as we morph the SHOP THE WEST COAST into DINE-OUT WEST COAST. Watch this page, watch our Social Media Pages, listen to The PEAK 93.3, read the AV News to keep up with the many specials that could be offered by these businesses.

* Multiple Gift Cards (Merchant donations)

Participating Stores/Restaurants in Ucluelet

  • Image West
  • Reflecting Spirits Gallery
  • The Den
  • Crows Nest
  • Co-op
  • Co-op Gas Bar
  • Gray Whale Deli
  • Currents Restaurant / Black Rock Resort
  • Ucluelet Liquor Store
  • West Coast Connect
  • Frankies
  • Barkley Cafe
  • Pluvio
  • Howlers
  • Ucluelet Brewery
  • Zoe's

Each of the businesses from Ucluelet have provided TWO Gift Cards in the program

Participating Stores/Restaurants in Tofino

  • Driftwood Gifts
  • Storm Surf Shop
  • Stormlight
  • Sacred Stone Spa
  • The Factory
  • Merge Curated Goods
  • Mark Hobson Gallery
  • Picnic Charcuterie
  • Tofino Brewing Company
  • Kid and Kook
  • Eagle Aerie Gallery
  • Tofino Co-op
  • Two Trees Gift Shop
  • Caravan Beach Shop
  • Long Beach Surf Shop
  • Epic Pharmacy
  • Gaia Grocery
  • Love Craft Gallery
  • Tofino Distillery
  • Tourism Tofino Visitor Centre
  • Method Marine
  • Tofino Fishing and Trading
  • Habit Clothing and Apparel
  • Drift MFG Co.
  • Surf Sister Surf School
  • Chocolate Tofino
  • Live to Surf
  • Mermaid's Tales Bookshop
  • Salt Tofino
  • Pacific Surf School

The LUCKY WINNERS ARE: (insert smiley face here). There will be at LEAST 31 of them!

  1. Andrew Schneider scanned the QR code at WINDSOR PLYWOOD and had his name drawn on Monday, December 13th. Lucky guy won FIVE GIFT CARDS each valued at $100.00 from: Walk the Coast, The Starboard Grill, Alberni District Co-op, Driftwood Gifts (Tofino) and Image West Gallery & Gifts in Ucluelet.
  2. Jennifer Eaton shopped at Flandangles in Port Alberni and had her name drawn on Tuesday, December 14th. She won FIVE GIFT CARDS each valued at $100.00 from: Belle's Hair Care, Westcoast Home Hardware, Chances Rimrock Casino Restaurant, Storm Surf Shop in Tofino & Reflecting Spirits Gallery in Ucluelet.
  3. Chris Fadden shopped at Long Beach Surf Shop in Tofino and was called to confirm a big win on Wednesday, December 15th. Chris wins FIVE X $100.00 Gift Cards from each of: Coastal Flow Creative, Alberni Industrial Marine, Twin City Brewing, Stormlight in Tofino and The Den in Ucluelet
  4. Jordan Bernard has a favourite Port Alberni restaurant and sure enough he scanned the code at All Mex'd Up during a recent visit. Had name called on Thursday, December 16th and wins FIVE $100.00 Cards from each of: Gayle's Fashion, Animal Ark, Boston Pizza, Sacred Stone Spa (Tofino) and the Crow's Nest in Ucluelet.
  5. Pam Frazee shopped at Merge Curated Goods in Tofino recently and because she scanned the QR code found there she wins gift cards from: Jim's Clothes Closet, AV Garden Supply, the Donut Shop - all in Port Alberni then for her home area she wins gift cards from The Factory in Tofino and and Co-op in Ucluelet. Nice!
  6. Kelly Gauthier visited Alberni Golf Club then entered the draw and had her name drawn on Monday, December 20th. Kelly wins gift cards from: Valley Vision Optometry, Beaver Creek Home Center, Stamps Cafe, Merge Curated Goods (Tofino) and Co-op Gas in Ucluelet
  7. Christine Nesbitt shopped at Healthy Habits in Port Alberni then scanned the QR code visible in that store and then she became the lucky winner for December 21st. Christine wins $100.00 gift cards for each of: Finishing Touches, Bosley's Pets, Orestes Kouzina, Mark Dobson Gallery in Tofino and Gray Whale Deli in Ucluelet!
  8. Kimberley Johnston visited Sacred Stone Spa on the west coast and was fortunate enough to have her name drawn on December 22nd. She wins $100.00 gift cards for each of: Blue Fish Gallery, Breakers Marine, Mountain View Bakery, Picnic Charcuterie, and Currents Restaurant at the Black Rock Resort.
  9. Ryan MacDonald stopped in at Tofino Fishing and Trading and then he made the wise decision to scan the QR code. His name was drawn on December 23rd so we will be sending him $500.00 worth of gift cards including one from each of: Power of Three, Wildlflower Bakeshop, Canadian Tire, Tofino Brewing Co, and Ucluelet Liquor Store.
  10. For the last draw before Christmas and the last of 2021 (but not the last, by any means, of the Shop the West Coast Program) we drew the name of Amy Anaka who wins yet another $500.00 gift card package consisting of Gift Cards from each of: Flandangles, Cap-it Alberni, Burde Beans, Drift Mfg and West Coast Connect in Ucluelet.
  11. Starting back on January 6th under a major blanket of snow (remember that word) we announced that someone named Victoria Snow had enjoyed some goodies at Twin City Brewery. Her name was selected (in advance of us knowing about the snow); she wins gift cards for each of: Kismet Quilts, Colyn's Garden Shop, All Mex'd Up, Gaia Grocery and Chocolate Tofino!
  12. Tanya Dowdall of Tofino scanned the poster she found at Sacred Stone Spa and found out today, January 7th that her name was drawn for $500.00 worth of gift cards. Tanya wins a $100.00 gift card for each of: Boundless Beauty, Double R Meats, Alberni Brewing Co., Gaia Grocery and the Barkley Cafe.
  13. Alina Hiltz was the lucky winner on Monday, January 10th. She'd visited the Alberni Golf Club and because she entered the contest she found her name drawn for gift cards from: The Funk Trunk, Fresh Coast Market, Alberni Golf Club, Love Craft Gallery and Pluvio in Tofino!
  14. Lucky winner for Tuesday, January 11th was: Gwen Hayhurst who loves shopping at Bosley's Pets. She won gift cards for each of: Naesgaard's, Gone Fishin', Bare Bones Fish n Chips, Tofino Distillery and Howlers in Ucluelet
  15. On Wednesday, January 12th we drew the name of: Roberta Joehle who commented on her visit to the Riverbend Cafe that it is a real gem from Port Alberni. Roberta wins gift cards for each of Cloud City, Healthy Habits, Boomerang's Cafe, Tourism Tofino Visitor Centre and the Ucluelet Brewery. Nice!
  16. Jennifer Johnson stopped at Steampunk Cafe, found the QR code, scanned it and lo and behold we ended up pulling her name on Thursday, January 13th. She wins gift cards for each of McLean Mill Gift Shop, Jowsey's Furniture, Brie and Barrel, Method Marine and Zoe's Bakery in Ucluelet.
  17. Ryan Wacket visited Image West in Tofino/Ucluelet then scanned the code and luckily had his name drawn on Friday, January 14th. Ryan wins a package of gift cards from: Salmonberries, Image West, Bucksnorts, Jumping Slug Cyclery and Tofino Fishing.
  18. On Monday, January 17th Kyla MacDonald won for shopping at Fresh Coast Market. She wins gift cards from each of: Coombs Country Candy, LB Woodchoppers, Little Bavaria, Habit Clothing and Reflecting Spirits Gallery.
  19. Tuesday's winner was Amanda Warbrick who enjoyed a meal at Brie and Barrell in Port Alberni. She scanned, she won! Five gift cards each at $100.00 for: Howler's, Port Boat House, Panago, Surf Sister and The Den.
  20. On Wednesday the lucky name drawn was: Megan Hurd. She stopped in at the Donut Shop and apparently loves the place as she shared a loved comment! Her winnings include gift cards from: Port Posh Wash, Mobius Books, Riverbend Cafe, Co-op and the Crows Nest in Tofino.
  21. Thursday we awarded Adele Larkin after she enjoyed a meal at Currents Restaurant in Ucluelet. She wins gift cards from: Suzanne's, The Flooring Depot, The Clam Bucket, Co-op, and the Pacific Surf School
  22. The final winner of the second to last week of our program was: Colin Schult. Colin wins gift cards from Boutiques Belles Amie, Sehmi Restaurant, Pharmasave in Ucluelet, Salt also in Ucluelet and the Co-op Gas bar in Tofino. Looks like Colin will be heading out west in the next few weeks!
  23. For the start of the final week of the winners we selected Treena Samuel who had visited Smitty's Restaurant in Port Alberni. She won gift cards for each of Klubhouse for Kids, Barkley Cafe, Smitty's Restaurant, Tofino Visitor Center and the Gray Whale Deli!
  24. For call number 24 our Office Manager Jen selected Sarah Williams as the winner. Sarah visited Steampunk Cafe early in January and for that she wins gift cards from: Jay's Lace it Up, Merit Furniture, Solda's Restaurant, Mermaid Tales Bookshop and Currents Restaurant at the Black Rock!
  25. On Wednesday the 26th of January we selected Barbara Fox from our massive list of entries to the contest. Barbara had a meal at Solda's Restaurant where she entered. She wins gift cards for Pluvio, Windsor Plywood, Steampunk Cafe, Life to Surf and the Ucluelet Liquor Store.
  26. Our second to last winner for a $500.00 gift card package went to Rebecca Hurwitz after she scanned the QR code at Chocolate Tofino! Rebecca will be receiving gift cards for Tim Horton's, Wynan's Furniture, Dog Mountain Brewery, Two Trees Home and Gifts and West Coast Connect!
  27. Wow, we did it! The call on the 28th of January provided our winner with the last of our 27 gift card packages of $500.00 worth of west coast gift cards. The winner Kendra Howell was in Tofino doing some shopping right before Christmas. She wins gift cards from: Zoe's Bakery, The Brick, Granny's Fried Chicken, Long Beach Surf Shop and the Ucluelet Brewery!

The Grand Prize Winners - announced on-air - Monday, January 31/22.

The Winner of a two-night stay at the Wickaninnish Inn located on the west coast of Vancouver Island is: Danielle Metcalfe
The winner of a two-night stay including transportation to/from the Broken Islands Lodge is: Toby Fraser
The winner of a two night stay at the beautiful Black Rock Resort is: Rhonda Dame
The winner of a two-night stay at the Best Western Plus Barclay Hotel is: Julia Mickey

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How we are funded:

We thank and acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada through the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry under an initiative referred to as: Federal Identity Program and more commonly known as SHOP LOCAL BC PROGRAM.

The BC Chamber of Commerce has been engaged by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry to administer the Shop Local BC program. All funding for the project known as: Shop the West Coast & Dine-out West Coast will be forwarded to the three involved Chambers of Commerce by the BC Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Minister. The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce is the lead organization for this project under a working agreement with both the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce and the Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.