Bob Cole

Bob Cole, a highly esteemed and lifelong resident of the Alberni Valley, particularly known for his deep roots at Sproat Lake, has been a notable figure in the local community. His commitment to the area is exemplified by his longstanding involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, where he has been a member since the early 1980s. Bob's dedication to the Chamber has been multifaceted; he has not only served on the board but also held executive positions, including being the President on multiple occasions.

His entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly during his tenure as the owner of Port Boat House, alongside his wife Jan. Under their ownership, the business achieved remarkable success, becoming the top dealer in Canada for Yamaha Sales, a testament to their hard work and business acumen. This achievement was measured in terms of horsepower, highlighting their significant contribution to the local economy.

Bob's commitment to the community extends beyond his business endeavors. He has been a recipient of various Chamber Awards, notably being named Volunteer of the Year. This accolade reflects his unwavering dedication to service and community development.

As a former owner of Port Boat House and an individual who has been involved with the Chamber for over four decades, Bob's contributions to the community and the local business landscape are invaluable. His legacy and leadership within the Chamber of Commerce continue to inspire and influence the Alberni Valley.