Boomerangs Cafe

Welcome to Boomerangs
We are a locally owned, family run restaurant. It is our pleasure to offer you a little taste of Australia, along with some of your old favorites.

A little history.....

​Darren was born in England and grew up in Sydney, Australia. He made his way to Canada in his late teens, and eventually began working in the restaurant industry while raising his two children. His love and knowledge of food was established here in Port Alberni where he started out as a dishwasher and worked his way up to head chef.

Laura worked in numerous restaurants in Port Alberni until a certain Cafe brought the two of them together. in the spring of 2010 Darren and Laura were married and two families were united. They both dreamed of owning their very own restaurant and creating an Australian atmosphere rich with art and culture.

So they decided to bring Port Alberni a little taste of "Down Under" and a little piece of paradise Darren calls home. Two dreams became one.......

We would like to welcome you to Boomerangs Cafe.
"We'll Keep You Coming Back"