Brave Sinergy Partner Limited

Embracing diversity and inclusion. Empowering growth. Our organization believes in respecting and celebrating people's ideas, needs, perspectives and diverse backgrounds, which contribute uniquely to the job we do. We believe inclusive and diverse practices are key to achieving growth.

How do we do it:

  1. We create synergies with progressive organizations to enhance their diversity and inclusion practices by hiring from our diverse talent pool and offering meaningful training.
  2. We are not a common recruiting agency. Instead, we use strength-based techniques and solution-based approaches to working with individuals.
  3. We support people with visible or invisible disabilities to get the jobs and accommodations they need.
  4. We support individuals to enhance their careers and find fulfilment. 

Our Services: 

For Organizations 

  • Signature Talks and Webinars 
  • Hire from our Talent Pool 
  • Training 

For Individuals: 

  • Be part of our Talent Pool
  • Career Support Counselling 
  • Advocate for people with visible or invisible disabilities.