Murray Lawlor

In 1970, Murray's first venture into business was a small neighbourhood café in Vancouver, where he also made fudge. A newspaper announcement of the opening of this business brought a welcoming visit from Charles Flavelle of Purdy's Chocolates.  Murray opened Olde World Fudge in the Granville Island Market in 1979 and shortly thereafter joined RCI with the encouragement of Charles Flavelle.  He then expanded his product line to include brittles, caramel
corns, hard candies and chocolates.

In 1981, Murray entered into partnership with a fellow with a strong business acumen. Together they expanded into many market sites across Canada and into Pike Place Market in Seattle.  In total they opened approximately 15 Joint Venture Partnership stores under the name of Olde World Fudge. Murray sold his interest in this business to his partner and moved to Vancouver Island.