Sage Haven Society

(Previously know as Alberni Community and Women's Services Society - ACAWS)


We respect the right of women to make their own choices in all areas of their lives, including religious affiliation, political affiliation, reproductive freedom, sexual orientation and the option to work inside or outside the home.
We will assist women in exploring the alternatives available and support them in their choice.
We will provide a safe place for women where their values are accepted and respected and where they will have no fear of either physical or psychological abuse.
We respect and uphold the confidentiality of all women with regard to the services offered by the Society. 

Our Vision

We will have a safe, secure and nurturing community that is free from violence and abuse.

Our Mission

We are committed to building a healthy community for those impacted by violence and abuse. 

The purposes of the society are:

-To promote the equal status of women and educate the community on women's issues.

-To provide an emergency shelter for women and their children.

-To provide counselling, outreach, victim services and other supports to women, children, youth, men, and families.

-To develop and provide new programs and services for women, children, youth, men, and families to help build a healthy and safe community.


The Transition House is open 24/7 for women who are experiencing domestic abuse and their children. Call 250.724.2223 or text 250.206.1011.

Our Drop-in “drive through” is open. We are offering all our counselling and support services by phone and/or in person. Please call 250.724.7111 or email