St. Jean's Cannery Ltd.

More than just a cannery Take an old family recipe for natural wood smoking and curing salmon, combine it with Fresh Pacific Seafood, you then have the beginning of a family business that has grown and developed for over 40 years into the highest quality smoking, handpacking, and canning facility on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Our specialties include: West Coast Albacore Tuna packed without water or oil, local oysters hand packed without oil, wild mushroom processing, packing and exporting. For more info on all our premium products, please contact us. St. Jean's cannery is a federally registered and HACCP certified food processing facility specializing in custom gourmet food manufacturing. We currently produce our own line of gourmet products at our BC cannery processing plant, as well as processing several other brand names. We offer full production services as well as complete warehousing capabilities. St. Jean's processes both large and small production runs. We are the next step for the cottage industry wanting increased production in a timely and cost efficient manner.


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