Subtidal Adventures

Nature viewing at its best with Ucluelet’s wildlife specialist, Brian Congdon. This family business is proud of their 45-year history in Barkley Sound. Welcome aboard. Whale watching tours spring and summer on a zodiac, spring only on the historic cruiser. Bear tours on the cruiser and some on the zodiac. Marine mammal tours on the cruiser. Sunset or storm cruises in the winter.

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Whale Watching

“It’s all about the food”. Our season starts with the longest migration of any mammal, the Gray whale. Over the winter, they breed and calve in warm Mexican waters; then migrate close by our shore on the way to cold Alaskan waters, where the food is. Some feed all summer along our coastline. Humpback whales, most of which migrate from Hawaii to Alaska, have recently become more common in Barkley Sound. The Orca (Killer whales) are seen occasionally but are less predictable. We also do our best to show you some of the other marine mammals, or even a bear if we can.

DISCOVERY (faster zodiac style boat):
2.5 to 3 hours — mid-Feb. to mid Nov.

DIXIE IV (slower cabin cruiser)
3 to 4 hours — mid-February to April


Islands and Sea Things

The focus of our marine “Islands and Sea Things” on the Dixie IV is Sea Lions, Seals, maybe a Sea Otter, and Bald Eagles. It will include a whale if one is nearby. Land mammals, like Deer or Black Bear are also possible. The coastline and island scenery is pretty amazing as well; yes, even in the fog. We may get to the Broken Group Islands in Pacific Rim National Park.

Because of its relaxed pace, the Dixie IV is well suited to general scenic photography.

DIXIE IV (slower cabin cruiser)
3 to 4 hours — May to mid-November


Bear Watching

Low tide is usually the best time to find a Black Bear as they wander the shore looking under rocks for a meal. This trip is timed to take advantage of that. The Dixie IV Bear Watch is a pleasant, easy going, harbour tour with quite an assortment of birds, Bald Eagles being the highlight. See the fish boat activity at the docks, seals and sea lions looking for a free meal. We may have time to go by "raccoon island” or past the harbour mouth for some more-dramatic coastal scenery.

DIXIE IV (slower cabin cruiser)
3 to 4 hours — May to October

DISCOVERY (faster zodiac style boat)
2.5 to 3 hours —Limited departures.


Island Sunset (Winter)

Sunsets here are awesome. This trip is in a photographer’s paradise featuring low-angle light and no crowds. Departure is timed to have the sunset near the end of our tour. Island scenery, eagles, sea lions, seals, winter sea birds, and of course, the sunset, are the main highlights of this cruise.

DIXIE IV (slower cabin cruiser): 4 hours

DISCOVERY (faster zodiac style boat): 3 hours


Harbour Sunset (Winter)

The same sunset but this shorter trip goes only just past the mouth of the harbour. On the way we will enjoy the harbour activity, eagles, sea lions, seals, winter sea birds, and, of course, the sunset.

Departure is timed to the sunset, which will be about the middle of our trip.

DIXIE IV (slower cabin cruiser): 2 hours

DISCOVERY (faster zodiac style boat): 1.5 hours